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Diabetes Center

Diabetes: The specialized treatment team approach

Diabetes can be a very complex disease. Life-threatening complications range from heart disease, stroke and blindness to kidney disease, nerve disease and amputations. Continuing to set new standards in health care, Sharon Regional developed its Diabetes Center, which is located at 2395 Garden Way, Hermitage.

Women find help, ongoing support at Diabetes Center

Ann LaRochelle, M.D.

Diabetes Center
2395 Garden Way Hermitage


The Center offers individualized treatment programs and education for those with:

  • Adult onset diabetes
  • Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes
  • Pregnancy-related diabetes

    Sharon Regional's specialized treatment team provides diabetics and their families with the following services:

    - Diabetic education
    - Insulin pump therapy
    - Diabetic nutritional counseling
    - Diabetic counseling through Sharon Regional's Behavioral Health Services

Diabetes Center staff specialty certified

Staff at the Center include endocrinologist Anne LaRochelle, M.D., Cathy Gutowski, CRNP, CDE, Beth Addicott, CRNP, and Anette Shaffer, diabetes nurse educator. Dr. LaRochelle offers treatment for Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, pregnancy-related diabetes, thyroid disorders, osteoporosis, cholesterol disorders, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and other endocrinology and metabolism disorders.

Lisa Bertolasio, RN, MS,CDE, serves as coordinator of the program that is recognized by the American Diabetes Association. 

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Diabetes Self-management Classes are offered at several convenient times:

  • Evening series at the Diabetes Center
  • Afternoon series at the Diabetes Center
  • Weekend series at the Diabetes Center

Classes provide the person with diabetes an opportunity to learn about diabetes, how to monitor blood glucoses, meal planning, physical activity, goal setting to promote health, and how to prevent complications. A physician referral is required to attend.

Diabetes Education and Nutrition Counseling are now available at the Mercer Family Medicine Center.

For more information about Sharon Regional's Diabetes Center or specialized treatment team, please call 724-981-6551 or e-mail [email protected]