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Rehabilitation Services

Our Mission

Rehab Services at Sharon Regional offers comprehensive rehabilitation services within several multi-specialty medical centers. Through a goal-oriented team approach that crosses medical disciplines, Rehab Services address the physical, emotional, and cognitive needs of those who have experienced an injury or disease limiting their ability to re-integrate into their environment.

Individualized services are provided through the diverse team of physicians and allied health care professionals who assess skills and disabilities in order to determine personal needs and rehabilitation potential.

Our team is dedicated to helping patients achieve optimum health by:

  • Developing treatment plans in collaboration with our patients that focus on their individual needs
  • Implementing individualized programs focusing on rehabilitation, exercise, and mental/physical well-being
  • Continuous training to advance our therapists' skills to educate patients and their families on any necessary lifestyle changes
  • Educating employees, the medical community, employers, and the community on the wide-range and utilization of comprehensive rehabilitation services
Sharon Regional's Rehab Unit

Committed to You

Rehab Services at Sharon Regional is committed to four goals:

  • SERVICE that exceeds our patient's expectation
  • QUALITY of care that maximizes our patient's outcome
  • THERAPISTS who remain highly trained, focused and patient centered
  • A Collaborative approach to care that involves the patient, their families, their physician and other health care providers.

How do we deliver high-quality health care to our patients?

Rehab Services delivers, through its full-range of inpatient and outpatient programs, equipment and technology, and our highly trained medical and rehabilitation staff. A personalized, collaborative and integrated approach is used to treat every patient.

A Healthcare System for You

As part of Sharon Regional, Rehab Services offers patients and their family members direct and immediate access to the Health System and its broad range of specialty services.

Renowned for its progressive medical programs and innovative approaches to new treatments and technologies in healthcare, Sharon Regional is the leading health care provider in Mercer County. We are the largest and most dynamic provider of Rehabilitation Services within Mercer County.

Your Team of Professionals

We pride ourselves on being committed to our patients and providing them with the highest quality rehabilitative care. That means working together to form a dynamic team to help patients and their families reach their treatment goals.

A patient's multi-disciplinary team may include some or all of the following:

Guiding You Through Our Continuum of Care

We feel that continuum of care is essential for patient recovery. This is accomplished by our team of therapists providing care in the hospital, in the home or in various outpatient settings.

Reaching Your Goals

Rehab Services' first priority is helping every patient reach their goals. We realize each person is different and treatment approaches must be designed specifically for each individual. Our therapists evaluate each patient's skill level, disability, needs, and rehabilitation potential to determine the most effective treatment approaches for that patient.

All In The Family

The family is an integral part of each patient's rehabilitation success. That's why our program provides each patient and their family with the support, and most importantly, the education, a patient needs to reach goals and return to their prior level of activity as quickly as possible.

Committed To The Health Of Our Community

We are helping the community learn to stay healthy. Our team of professionals participates in health screenings, health fairs, and other community events every year to educate and prevent injuries and illness.