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Pediatric Rehabilitation Services

Mercer woman grateful for daughter's pediatric rehab at Sharon Regional

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          Pediatric Rehabilitation Team

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Sharon Regional Rehabilitation Services:

At Sharon Regional our therapists and other rehabilitation professionals provide coordinated rehabilitation for children with a wide variety of developmental delays, injuries, illnesses and disabilities. Our experienced clinicians listen carefully to what each child and parents have to say to create a therapy program that engages and excites the child.

Whether a child needs a single therapy or a multi-disciplinary rehabilitation program, our pediatric rehabilitation specialists develop a customized care plan to provide the best possible results. In helping our patients reach their potential, our staff addresses the physical, social, emotional and academic needs of each child, laying the foundation for the continuing development of abilities and the experience of success.

Clinicians work with pediatric specialists, referring physicians, schools, the family and the child to set goals and review progress. We also help families identify additional services and resources available to them within the healthcare system and in their communities.

From infancy through adolescence, there are so many vital accomplishments that come with growth and development. Yet, so many factors – prematurity, congenital deficits, medical problems—can cause developmental delays. If delays occur, the Pediatric Program at the Rehab Center can help build a child's confidence and abilities.

We provide physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech/language therapy and audiology testing services to enhance a child's overall development. Our services can help infants and children achieve, to the best of their ability, the self-help, motor, play, speech, learning skills and social skills appropriate for their age.

Pediatric therapy is recommended for infants and children with:

Pediatric Rehabilitation Services

Whether a child needs a single therapy or a multi-disciplinary rehabilitation program, our pediatric rehabilitation specialists develop a customized care plan to provide the best possible results.

Some examples of individualized treatment

Pediatric physical therapy provides:

  • Developmental education to promote development in infants
  • Facilitation of gross motor skills
  • Orthopedic rehabilitation
  • Range of motion, flexibility exercise
  • Muscle strengthening
  • Address tone issues
  • Balance and coordination training
  • Functional mobility training (transfers, gait, stairs)
  • Facilitation of motor planning skills
  • Parental/caregiver education for ongoing care of child with special needs

Pediatric occupational therapy provides:

  • Self-care training
  • Sensory integration training
  • Developmental training
  • Visual perceptual training
  • Fine motor coordination training
  • Visual motor training
  • Motor planning training
  • Social participation training (making friends, dealing with emotions)
  • Oral sensory training; problems with accepting new textures/new foods

Our Occupational Therapists are trained in sensory integration techniques.

Pediatric speech therapy provides:

  • Motor planning speech evaluations and treatment
  • Speech/language and voice evaluations and treatment
  • Hearing screenings
  • Certified speech language pathologists
  • Dysphasia/swallowing evaluations
  • Auditory Processing
  • Augmentative/alternative communication device – referrals/screenings
  • Social skills and pragmatic skill treatment/therapy

The pediatric program offers individual and/or group treatment based on the child's needs.

The clinicians within Pediatric Rehab work closely with the Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Services (BHRS) clinicians within Sharon Regional's larger Behavioral Health Services. The BHRS program offers the Connections Autism Program and the Foundations Children's Program.

The clinical staff coordinates, carries out, and analyzes data from Functional Behavior Assessments to determine the priority needs of each child and their family, and from there prescribe a therapeutic, data driven treatment plan to be carried out by the BHRS staff and the family. Treatment is provided in the school, the home, and in the community.

Please speak with your pediatric rehab clinician to determine if a referral to BHRS is appropriate or to receive more information about BHRS services. For more information see: Behavioral Health Services.

Pediatric Rehab staff is licensed in the state of Pennsylvania. Our staff includes physical therapists and physical therapy assistants, certified speech pathologists, registered occupational therapists and certified occupational therapy assistants, and licensed audiologists.