Sharon Regional Health System - Dedicated to caring for our community

Quality Care / Patient Safety

Providing quality healthcare and a safe environment for patients is the foundation of Sharon Regional's service to the community

Employees and physicians work together to implement quality measures and safety practices to provide patients with the best possible care. Today, healthcare quality and patient safety remain top priorities for Health System personnel and are administered through the office of Patient Safety and Performance Improvement.

This office provides the opportunity for coordination of organizational-wide quality improvement and patient safety projects as well as support and guidance to employees and physicians who are working on those projects.

There are many factors that patients and their families consider when choosing a hospital, but, ultimately, none are more important than the quality of patient care and the satisfaction experienced by both the patients and their families. That's why we follow strict quality and safety practices throughout our entire hospital, monitor our staff's compliance with these practices and continuously seek ways to improve.

To accomplish the standardization of quality and patient safety processes, the Hospital has adopted national recommendations from groups such as The Joint Commission and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. These recommendations are based on nationally-accepted scientific data and allows Sharon Regional Health System – and its community – to compare itself with other organizations throughout the country.