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The School of Radiography will purchase your books for each year of education.  The cost of books will be added to the tuition payment for the student in the beginning of each of their school year.  At the time the order is placed pricing may be slightly different but you will be provided this information prior to your requested payment.


Students will be informed concerning the purchase of uniforms prior to entry.

Travel Policy

Students in the School of Radiography will have the advantage of educational experiences in a variety of professional settings. Each student is expected to assume the responsibility of his/her own transportation to and from such places regardless of the location.


Students are encouraged to carry independent hospitalization insurance. The School of Radiography will not assume responsibility for medical expenses incurred by the student.

Living Accommodations

Living accommodations are not available. Meals are available in the hospital cafeteria. Students pay on a per meal basis.

updated 7/10

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