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Sharon Regional Health System Giving CenterThank you for visiting the Giving Center!

Welcome to the online Giving Center of Sharon Regional Health System. Your contribution to the Health System's Development Fund is a meaningful way for you to partner with Sharon Regional to ensure continued advanced facilities, current diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, and superior, highly trained health care personnel for you, your family, and the community.

Your gift, in memory of a friend or loved one as a living tribute, will be promptly acknowledged and appropriate recognition will be sent to those you designate, informing them of your thoughtfulness (no amount will be mentioned).

Additional Giving Options

As we plan for addressing the future health care needs in our area, we welcome your consideration of other giving options to help Sharon Regional remain the area's largest hospital and provider of health care services.
Other giving options include:   

  • Stocks and other Securities: Appreciated stocks, bonds, closely-held stock in family businesses, or other property may be given to Sharon Regional. The value of a gift of stock is determined by the average market value of the stock on the date the gift is made. To identify the best procedure for making such a gift, contact your broker and our Development Office.

  • Real Estate/Personal Property: Real estate may provide a convenient way to support SRHS. You may contribute real estate as a deferred or outright gift. For example, with a life estate agreement, a donor can make a gift of a home or farm while retaining life tenancy. Gifts of real estate should include a letter of transmittal with instruction for use of the gift. Jewelry, works of art, rare books, manuscripts, antiques, and similar property can be contributed. A letter of transmittal, which specifies any requirements regarding use of the gift, should accompany gifts of property. An independent appraisal is needed should you choose this kind of support.

  • Life Insurance Gifts: You may assign Sharon Regional as a beneficiary, co-beneficiary, or a secondary, remainder, or residual beneficiary of your life insurance policy. Annual dividends also may be assigned to the Health System. When Sharon Regional is named as owner of a policy and/or the irrevocable beneficiary, the cash value of the policy may be deducted on your income tax return. The premiums paid thereafter also are income tax deductible.

  • Charitable Remainder Unitrusts: The charitable remainder unitrust is a gift that pays you income for life and can also provide income for a successor beneficiary for life. It provides an immediate tax deduction---freedom from estate taxes. A charitable remainder unitrust provides for a fixed percentage of return of not less than 5 percent of the value of the trust's assets valued annually. Because of that annual valuation, the payout to the donor will rise and fall with the economy. The rate of return is agreed upon at the time the unitrush is established, however, the higher the rate of return the smaller the charitable deduction. Additional contributions can be made at anytime. When the beneficial interest in the unitrust ends, the principal goes to Sharon Regional to accomplish your specified goals.

  • Wills and Bequests: The bequest is the most common form of planned giving. With a bequest, you may make provisions for Sharon Regional in your will, designating either a dollar amount or a percentage of your estate. Whatever the amount, bequests are entirely free from federal estate tax and the estate and inheritance taxes of most states. Bequests should be prepared and executed with an attorney.

We would welcome an opportunity to discuss these and other giving options with you.

For more information, please call 724-983-7317 or 800-346-7997
or e-mail[email protected].


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