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If You Think You Are Being Asked to Leave the Hospital Too Soon

If you think you are being asked to leave the hospital too soon, ask a hospital representative for a written notice of explanation immediately, if you have not already received one. The Hospital’s written notice is necessary if you decide to appeal to the PRO. The written notice must describe how you appeal.

If you decide to appeal, do so immediately – either call or write to the PRO. If you lose the appeal, you may be billed for all costs of stay beginning with the third day after you receive the written notice. The appeals process can take up to three working days from the time that your appeal request is received. Thus, if you appeal and lose, you may have to pay for at least one day of hospital cost. Remember, without a written notice, you have no right to appeal. The Peer Review Organization for this area is:

Quality Insights of Pennsylvania (QIO)
2601 Market Place Street
Suite 320
Harrisburg, PA  17110
Phone: 1-800-322-1914