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For immediate release                                                            March  4 , 2002

Sharon Regional Health System acquires PET imaging system for early detection of cancer

Sharon Regional Health System recently enhanced its diagnostic imaging capabilities with the addition of a new, state-of-the-art positron emission technology (PET) system that offers early and highly accurate detection of cancer. It is located at the Cancer Care Center, 2320 Highland Rd., Hermitage.

PET is an imaging procedure that provides physicians with information about the body’s chemistry, cell function, and exact location of disease. The unique images obtained with PET aren’t available with other technologies such as CT scan, MRI, or x-ray. The difference lies in the ability of the technology to study body function rather than giving radiological images of anatomy or body structure.

“PET scanning is a revolutionary medical diagnostic technology,” adds Barry Marchetto, M.D., board certified radiologist and chief of medical imaging at Sharon Regional. “This exciting cutting-edge tool will greatly enhance the quality of care for the patients in our surrounding communities.”

Positron emission technology is safe. It can effectively pinpoint the source of many of the most common cancers, eliminating the need for redundant tests and diagnostic surgical procedures. PET is a powerful, proven diagnostic imaging procedure that significantly reduces multiple medical costs and avoids needless pain to the patient.

“PET will have a major impact on our clinical evaluations of cancer patients,” says George C. Garrow, M.D., board certified oncologist and director of medical oncology at the Cancer Care Center. “In many cases, this will enable us to begin treatment earlier and increase the odds for successful patient outcomes.”

Sharon Regional’s Cancer Care Center is the only facility of its kind in Mercer County offering total cancer care within one modern location. The Center offers hematology and medical oncology consultation and treatment; radiation oncology consultation and treatment; certified nurses and therapists specializing in cancer treatment; access to national clinical trials, a patient/community educational resources library, and much more.