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Medical/Surgical Nursing at Sharon Regional
    By Lisa Bertolasio, RN, MS, CDE
    Director of Medical/Surgical Nursing

Medical/surgical nursing is the center of most hospital nursing. The American Nurses Association defines medical/surgical nursing as the nursing care of individuals who have a known or probable disease process.

At Sharon Regional, medical/surgical nursing is provided on two units, 5 West and 6 West. 5 West is a 40-bed unit that provides care for surgical, orthopedic (including joint replacements), and pediatric patients. Ten telemetry beds are also available for patients needing heart monitoring.
Since the unit is so diverse, nurses are specially skilled in a variety of areas.

6 West is a 40-bed unit where nurses provide care for those with medical conditions including diabetes, congestive heart failure, gastro-intestinal, and pulmonary disorders. Special to this unit is the care of patients with cancer in need of intense chemotherapy and monitoring. The nurses in this area are trained to provide care, support and encouragement to the patient and their loved ones. Nurses also work closely with oncologists and staff at Sharon Regional’s Cancer Care Center to provide quality, comprehensive care.

Sharon Regional recently completed on 5 West the first 12 weeks a system-wide project aimed at successfully educating and retaining employees called Operation GO (Great Organization). The project’s success is attributed to encouraging employee involvement in resolving issues that affect their workplace. Operation GO’s mission reinforces the Health System’s mission, which is to meet the healthcare needs and continually improve the health status of the communities we serve. The goal is to continue to have all patients be 100 percent satisfied with all levels of care.

Medical/surgical services have been a cornerstone of care Sharon Regional since its founding. The nursing staff is proud to be part of a tradition of providing care to people from throughout the region.