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Women’s Center Level II Nursery attracts Greenville family

One Happy Family: Meredith Lohrenz, sitting with her husband Kirk, and their new baby girl, Gabriella, are joined by Meredith’s mother Jan Chapin, RN, BSN, (back right) and Sharon Regional’s Janine Gnagey, RN, (C), in one of the Women’s Center suites.

Mom says they’ll be a "repeat customer"

All births are special. But some newborns require special care such as the care provided in our Women’s Center Level II nursery, the only Level II nursery in Mercer County. Our Level II nurses care for infants born up to a month and a half prematurely, and fragile newborns that need such advanced care as heart monitoring, oxygen therapy, apnea monitoring or tube feedings.

The Level II nursery and skilled nursing staff attracted Meredith Lohrenz, her husband, Kirk, and her mother Jan Chapin, RN, BSN, from the Greenville area. Meredith was due to give birth in May. With the closing of birthing services at UPMC-Greenville, Meredith, Kirk, and Jan, a former labor and delivery nurse for 30 years with the former Greenville Hospital, UPMC Horizon-Greenville, and Magee Women’s Hospital, Pittsburgh, in February started a personal search for a birthing center.

“We were concerned about any potential problem during the delivery,” recalls Jan. “So we looked at Sharon Regional and UPMC-Farrell, both hospitals that Meredith’s doctor (Rebecca Hanigosky, D.O., OB/GYN) practiced at. We chose Sharon Regional; we were impressed by Sharon’s Level II facilities and the professional, caring staff.”

“We were really impressed by the Level II nursery and nurses,” Meredith adds. “The nurses spent lots of time with us and answered all our questions. After I gave birth, some nurses even stopped by to see me after their shift was done.”

After a potential delivery problem that was promptly resolved, Meredith gave birth May 17 to a healthy baby girl, Gabriella. “The delivery team took quick action in getting Meredith to the delivery area and was very skilled,” Jan recalls. “They were right on top of things.”

“We will be a repeat customer of Sharon Regional’s nursery,” says Meredith, who teaches at Living Word Christian School in West Salem Township, where her parents Jan and Jim Chapin, are the pastors of Living Word Christian Center. “We are very happy with everything.”

The nursery at Sharon Regional includes a 10-Bed Level I Nursery, 6-Bed Advanced Care Level II Nursery (Only Level II Nursery in the Mercer County), three LDRP Suites and C-Section Delivery Suite, Jacuzzi, Lactation Consultant, and Home Visits Following Delivery.

To arrange a tour of our nursery, please call 724-983-3927 or e-mail [email protected].

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