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For Immediate Release                                         July 3, 2001

Thomas J. Zarlingo, M.D., FACOG, obstetrics/gynecology, accredited in obstetrics and gynecological ultrasound

The American Institute of Ultrasound and Medicine, Ultrasound Practice Accreditation Counsel has accredited Thomas J. Zarlingo, M.D., FACOG, board certified obstetrician/gynecologist, in obstetrics and gynecological ultrasound.

Dr. Zarlingo’s practice was reviewed including personnel, physical facility, documentation, storage and record-keeping practices, policies and procedures, quality assurance methods and how it meets the standards of the Institute.

The accreditation is voluntary and is effective for three years.

Dr. Zarlingo is associated with The Women’s Center at Sharon Regional Health System and sees patients through his Associates in Women’s Health practice along with obstetrician/gynecologist Diane Mrava, M.D., FACOG, with offices in Hermitage, Mercer, and Greenville.