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For immediate release                 September 18, 2001

Providing assistance after the terrorist attack

Exactly one week after the first of several terrorist attacks on the United States, Sharon Regional and the Hospital Associaton of Pennsylvania continue to hear from those who want to help.

Thanks to the overwhelming response from thousands of caring professionals in New York, Washington, and elsewhere, all staff and material needs for recovery and relief have been met.

At this point, the best way for people to help is to consider gifts of money, blood, and other support to the countless relief agencies involved with this massive effort. Listed below are just some of the many organizations that are providing assistance to victims, families, and rescuers.

You may support them with your money, blood, or time:

* American Red Cross, cash donations, 800-HELP-NOW,     www.redcross.org

*American Red Cross, blood donations, 800-448-3543,     www.redcross.org

*America’s Blood Centers, blood donations, 888-BLOOD-88,     www.americasblood.org

*Greater New York Hospital Foundation, cash donations,     www.gnyha.org

*Helping.org, cash donations, www.helping.org

*New York Firefighters 9-11 Relief Fund, cash donations,     http://daily.iaff.org/fund.htm

*New York State Fraternal Order of Police WTC Police Disaster Fund,     cash donations, www.nysfop.org

*Salvation Army, cash donations, 800-SAL-ARMY,     www.salvationarmy.org

*United Way of New York and The New York Community Trust, cash     donations to the September 11th Fund, 212-251-4035,     www.uwnyc.org

*World Vision American Relief Fund, cash donations, 888-511-6593,     www.worldvision.org

Additional information is available online at www.aha.org under     “emergency preparedness resources.”