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July 2004

Cancer Care Center’s new CT/simulator enhances diagnostic studies

A new Philips ACQSIM CT/simulator for precise targeting of cancerous tumors is now in use at Sharon Regional’s Cancer Care Center, 2320 Highland Rd., Hermitage. The unit enhances the types of diagnostic imaging studies the Cancer Care Center teams offers its patients.

CT is short for computerized tomography, a special type of X-ray that produces detailed pictures of structures inside the body. CT scans are also commonly referred to as computerized axial tomography, or CAT scans. CT directs X-rays through the body and analyzes them with a very powerful computer to produce incredibly detailed pictures or “slices” of an organ or other area in the body.

This particular type of CT technology is the world’s only type of CT scanner that addresses the special needs of radiation therapy simulation and planning. Its distinctive design simplifies radiation therapy planning, especially those involving breast, lymphoma and large-patient cases. The preferred therapy treatment positioning for these types of cancers makes them difficult to fit into a traditional CT scanner opening.

Dennis Ulewicz, M.D., Director of Radiation Oncology at the Cancer Care Center, welcomed the new unit. He stresses the CT/simulator’s ability to provide treatment that is more prompt as well as increased comfort for patients.

The Cancer Care Center is the only facility of its kind in Mercer County, offering total cancer care within one modern location. The Center draws upon the expertise of many departments and specialists in planning patient care.

For more information, please call the Center at 724-983-5900