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For immediate release                                                     February 7, 2002

The Women’s Center at Sharon Regional Health System offers tips for Child Passenger Safety Week, February 10-16

The Women’s Center at Sharon Regional Health System want to make sure children are as safe as possible when traveling in vehicles. Child Passenger Safety Week, February 10-16, is a good time for parents to review their child’s safety in the family vehicle. The Women’s Center wants every family to remember the theme promoted by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation this special week “I Buckle Up for Me and My Child,” which promotes adult seat belt use as well as child passenger safety.

Proper use of car seats is critical. We don’t want to meet your family in the emergency room. Dorothy Bailey, RN, a registered nurse in The Women’s Center, has completed extensive training in car seat safety from the Pennsylvania State Police. She suggests these rules to help you correctly use your car seat:

**Read both the car seat instructions and the vehicle owner’s manual before installing car seats.

**All children under 13 should ride in the back seat.

**When installing your child’s car seat place your weight on the car seat. Lock the seat belt according to the vehicle’s instructions on seat belts or in the owner’s manual. Check the installation to allow no more than one inch of side-to-side or forward movement.

**Infants should ride rear facing and semi-inclined to no more than 45 degrees, until at least age 1 and weigh at least 20 pounds.

Remember to NEVER place a rear-facing infant in front of a passenger side air bag. Place the harness in the slots at or below the shoulders. Tighten the harness until it lies in a relatively straight line without any slack or sagging but not so tight as to press into a child’s body and cause discomfort. Adjust the chest clip on the harness to armpit level, if provided by the manufacturer.

For more information, please call Sharon Regional’s Health Information Center at 724-983-5518 or 800-346-7997.

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