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Accessing Emergency
Mental Health Evaluative Services

The voluntary or involuntary decision to obtain Inpatient Mental Health treatment can be a frightening and overwhelming experience for the prospective patient and their family. The staff at Sharon Regional understands this is a critical time, and works to ensure that time spent in our Emergency Care Center is smooth and focused on all of the immediate needs of the patient. Health System clinicians tend to the patient’s immediate psychological needs, medical concerns and medication management during their stay. This comprehensive care is critical to the healthy recovery of each patient.

A major benefit to families who choose to use Sharon Regional’s Inpatient Behavioral Health Services is that they receive care from a team of psychiatrists (child, adolescent and adult), certified registered nurses, and physician’s assistants who provide the expertise and leadership for direct care of patients supported by highly qualified psychologists, social workers and mental health/substance abuse professionals. Together, this team will help the family navigate the distress of a loved one’s behavioral health disorder.

 Individuals seeking inpatient hospitalization services, who are not currently admitted to an inpatient hospital setting, should be directed to present themselves to the Emergency Care Center at Sharon Regional’s hospital, at 740 East State Street, Sharon, PA, for a psychiatric evaluation. The Emergency Room clinician will screen all patients who are seeking inpatient treatment.

For professionals working with patients who are in crisis within the community, a call should be made to our dedicated referral line at 724-983-5644 to advise the Behavioral Health Crisis Specialist that a patient may present at the Emergency Room for an evaluation.

Referrals for admissions to the inpatient units for individuals already in an Emergency Care Center or admitted to an inpatient hospital setting can be made by calling the dedicated inpatient referral line at 724-983-5644 for child/adolescent and adult patients.

Inpatient mental health care information

Important Admission forms for Medical and Community Referral Sources
In an effort to make the referral process for admissions to the Behavioral Health Services Child/Adolescent and Adult/Geriatric Inpatient Unit as easy as possible, we have posted important forms that medical providers and community agencies can complete while with the patient. We hope that you find these useful and that they help to expedite the referral process.

Forms to be used for referrals from Medical Providers (i.e., emergency departments, acute medical units):
Inpatient Admission Referral form
Inpatient Referral Checklist
Information Sheet for Voluntary 201 Admissions
Acknowledgement of Receipt of Patient Rights and Admission Information
Insurance Information Authorization
Frequently Asked Questions brochure

Forms to be used for referrals from Community Mental Health agencies
Inpatient Admission Referral form
Frequently Asked Questions brochure

   When making a referral over the telephone please be prepared to give the following information to the    psychiatric professional managing the referral:

  • Your name, phone number, and the facility that you are calling from
  • Patient’s demographics including name, address, birth date, age and insurance information
  • Patient’s psychiatric history, including current treatment provider, medications and hospitalization history
  • Clinical information including current presentation and diagnosis
  • Drug and alcohol use
  • Medical conditions and medications prescribed 

Please call our dedicated referral line at 724-983-5644 for any additional questions regarding accessing Inpatient Behavioral Health Services.

updated 10/13