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Asthma Clinic

Sharon Regional’s Asthma Clinic is at 740 East State Street, Sharon location through the offices of Jeffrey Lazar, M.D., FCCP, and Kayal Sambandam, M.D., FCCP. In addition to the Asthma Clinic, Drs. Lazar and Sambandam’s practice, Respiratory Medicine Specialists, includes pulmonary medicine, critical care medicine, sleep medicine, and pulmonary hypertension.

The Asthma Clinic offers patients age 16 and older a comprehensive approach to asthma diagnosis, treatment, and management. The Clinic staff coordinates the best combination of medications, exercise, and psychosocial support to restore the highest quality of life to asthma patients.

Specifically, the Clinic offers pulmonary function testing, methacholine challenge testing, along with asthma workshops and a formal asthma education program offered by an asthma educator. Additional services include a review of peak flow and inhaler techniques and current information on new medications and treatments.

Where indicated, asthma patients may also be referred to Valeri Roth, D.O., otolaryngologist, at Sharon Regional’s Ear, Nose, Throat and Hearing Center for allergy testing or other related services.

Dr. Lazar, M.D., FCCP, medical director of the Clinic, said the service benefits asthma patients in many ways. "Asthma patients now have access to a wide range of both clinical and educational services from understanding asthma, its causes and diagnosis, various treatment programs plus information on managing and coping with asthma to insure the highest quality of life," stated Dr. Lazar.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call the Asthma Clinic at 724-983-1980.